Sunday, January 30, 2011

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gift from Karlsruhe

Svenja Ironically, on 11 January, my birthday has The Federal Constitutional Court to me a very special gift made by it has declared a material provision of the TSG to be unconstitutional. We are not therefore obliged to let us operate in order to be recognized legally in perceived gender.

TSG is not the way for "Gymnastics and Sports Association" but is the abbreviation for the law transsexuals, our guide for the transition, the manual for RĂ¼ber making. It says everything you need to know for successful change to Sven Sven. Only in matters of fashion the legislature has quite covered. Unlike me :-)

Previously you had to have surgery in a difficult remove the sex organs to people in the entry registers the desired gender male or female to get.

In plain English: Who was not ready to have an operation that did not mean it seriously. Medical researchers have for many years * that this conclusion is wrong and even the two psychiatric experts for the name change have me then trans- certified without having ever asked the question after the operation.

The judges have followed the current doctrine, under which the operation was not decisive, but "how consistently lives of transsexuals in their perceived gender and arrived in he feels." For this statement I could kiss her, the boys and the girl by the Federal Constitutional Court, because that is my conviction.

It will certainly take a while for the TSG is present in a modified form, but that provision may already no longer be applied.

But besides all politics and jurisprudence, what that means for me personally? What are my benefits? I can now finally be changing that stupid error in my birth certificate: It was then born in Klingberg not a boy but a girl, but with extras.

And what will change for me after I have my personal status can be changed? Right away my only two significant consequences come to mind: If I marry again wish my spouse could be just a man. With a woman, I would enter the registered partnership . Before, it was the opposite. And the second consequence is if I must go to jail, it would be the women's prison. Although I could live with the consequences to 2 much easier than that of 1, I fear.

I Should namely ever want to get married again , it would have been a super sweet, cute, sexy, leggy blonde are, with whom I'd anzicken before the wedding, who is probably the more beautiful with a heart of gold who will dress.

Fortunately, the current BHW (blonde marriage probability) of exactly zero. And knows my opinion about getting married you already: "Rather, I heeled in a wet T-shirt Peep-toes on a building site "

Conclusion. I am very pleased with the decision 1BvR 3295/07 * from London, because for my own life, it has very real consequences. I will finally be able to reach the civil status change, without my prior to the hospital. It is exactly like the judges say matters most is how consistently they will be new life in him arrived feels. And in this discipline, I give myself full time just a hundred points. Even without surgery ...

* anyone knows when and where the old doctrine was first called into question?
* the guiding principle for decision of the First Senate of 11 January 2011 is available at 1BvR 3295/07


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